The Story

Beyond wake and sleep lies a place tangled with sweet reveries and twisted nightmares. A place where we find ourselves lost, victims of our vivid imaginations and memories. Reality is altered and darkness falls. Lost in reverie will you ever wake up? Only one man has the answer. Tom Watson.

Get ready for an experience that will stretch you to your limits. Listen, play, explore and RUN... Run like your soul depended on it.

I'm falling. I tripped and I couldn't catch myself and since that day I've stumbled. I fall ever forward, clutching and grasping for something stable, something I can use to haul myself up for long enough to see the horizon, to see the sky, to see anything but the clumsy steps ahead of me as I flail and tumble on. I can't keep this up. My legs are burning and my heart is bruised but if I hit the ground, he will catch me. And I'll have run this far for nothing.


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From the notebook of Tom Watson.

Tom Watson's Notebook
Delve deeper into the world of Reverie and discover more about the mysterious Tom Watson.
This 20 page notebook details the story so far and contains Tom's account of everwake. - Price: £3.50
Read. Discover. Seek the Truth.

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